Smart View Metals

Smart View MetalsOn-Line Detection, Identification, and Visualization of Metal Defects

Smart View Metals has become the most trusted surface inspection system worldwide. With more installations on more lines than any surface inspection system ever, Smart View is relied upon around the world by virtually every major flat rolled products producer. For many of them, Smart View is the de-facto standard in on-line defect detection and identification.

The Smart View system detects irregularities or defects on the surface of the metal strip. Smart View then identifies each defect using our patented Smart Learn® Multi-Step Classifier. The defect image is displayed for the operator to see. All information and images are available in real time and can be stored in our database for future use. Reports can be created and formatted to fit the needs of every mill.

Our Value

Smart View provides more value to users than any other surface inspection system.

  • Improve product quality
  • Maximize yield
  • Detect, identify, and visualize defects before value added processes
  • Reduce the need for manual inspections
  • Provide the reports you need in a form you can use
We have been successfully inspecting metals surfaces for two decades. In fact, Smart View systems inspect over 1 billion square meters of metal every day! We have metals customers on all continents and more metals customers worldwide than anyone else in the industry. More companies guarantee their quality with Smart View systems than any other surface inspection system.
Our DetectionThe Smart View Metals system is highly modular, allowing the use of appropriate technology for your application using standard system components. We install appropriate light and camera configurations for each line. Some allow strip inspection while going over a roller and others allow inspection on the unsupported strip. Cognex offers the most comprehensive selection of lighting solutions in the industry, applying collimated, diffuse, or side lighting depending on your application needs. For example the use of collimated light allows us to employ our exclusive synchronized view technology with two sets of cameras looking into the surface from different angles. In addition, our collection of thresholding algorithms can be optimized for your particular surface and requirements, all performing on-line in real time. You never have to wait for Smart view results.

Our Classification

The Smart Learn® Multi-Step Classifier is a patented classification tool set for Smart View surface inspection systems. Smart Learn provides the flexibility to implement classification schemes tailored to your particular process and requirements. The advanced Smart Learn architecture allows the use of various learning classifiers. Combining automatic learning classification with expert knowledge, Smart Learn maximizes the potential of your inspection system for improved product quality, higher production yield, and decreased customer returns.

Our Through-Process Visibility

The Windows®-based Smart View Metals system, connected to your mill network, provides information for mill-wide users, from the manufacturing floor to the front office. Smart View Metals uses industry standards like OPC and ODBC to ensure easy integration with other plant business, production, and quality systems. A real-time operator interface shows current inspection results on-line all the time. The Open Network Inspection Viewer, distributed across the plant network, enables any user to view current or historical inspection results remotely from any step in production from hot mill to the finishing line.

Smart View Can Do More

Smart View users can easily upgrade their system with powerful capabilities that are not available anywhere else.

Our Surface Quality Monitoring software automatically measures and reports the surface quality characteristics of the coil in real time. For the first time you can have a measurement of overall surface properties such as spangle, cloudiness, roll chatter marks, or surface roughness. It can even predict post-processing properties of the product when it is being produced.

Smart View Streaming Video can combine defect detection with full-width video recording of the strip. Watch in real time or go back and replay any archived coil to virtually inspect the strip. All this is done with standard Smart View cameras and lighting.

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Smart View Metal in Singapore

In-Sight 7010: Vision Straight Out of the Box

In-Sight® 7010 is an entry-level smart camera vision system developed specifically for inspection tasks where vision sensors are too limited and other entry-level vision systems fall short of your needs. Every aspect of the In-Sight 7010 has been designed to make deploying a vision system easier than ever before.
With the unique combination of hardware features and software tools, the In-Sight 7010 is the ideal out-of-the-box solution for many straightforward vision applications.
 In-Sight 7010C solves color vision applications easily
EasyBuilder software
Simple-to-follow In-Sight EasyBuilder® configuration software helps you—no matter your experience—to quickly set up their your application without programming knowledge. Included with the In-Sight 7010 are powerful tools such as Pattern Matching, Edge, Blob, and Circle detection tools. Additionally, the color vision system model includes a Color ID tool for applications that require the ability to identify different colors.
In-Sight 7010 with autofocus makes quick product changeovers easy
Integrated autofocus
Autofocus helps with production situations requiring regular part changeovers, or applications that require the vision system to be placed in hard-to-reach spaces.
In-Sight 7010 with integrated lighing increases application flexibility
Integrated illumination
In-Sight 7010 offers integrated, field-replaceable white lighting as well as four specific color lights (red, green, blue and Infrared) to highlight particular parts or features.
Entry-level Model Options:
In-Sight 7010 base model has an image capture rate of 102FPS at 800×600 resolution. The basic tool set includes 360° degree pattern matching, edge, blob, circle, histogram, math and basic geometry tools.
In-Sight 7010C color model has an image capture rate of 50FPS at 800×600 resolution. The tool set is enhanced with a Color ID tool for setting up inspection jobs where color is the differentiating feature.
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Menzel Infomatrix is a one point source for not only world-class complete imaging solutions but also for separate components to integrate a solution. We offer proven solutions for image monitoring, processing and analysis needs like automatic machine vision systems, robotic machine vision software, inspection machine vision systems, open source machine vision software, etc.
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